Employee Self Service ESS

The Time to Change

The Paper Employee Requests To  Automated Type

With Maintaining Approval Cycle

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Management approval of requests

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Manager approval of employee requests

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Review the monthly salary approved by the administration

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Submit the Order by the employee

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Attends' From Mobile With Location

Requests from the Employee

The self-service program provides an automated way to register employee requests, approved from the direct manager, and  Final Approval from management, to program implements requests automatically.

Attends' From Mobile With Location

Requesting a work for an Extra day


Request leave of absence


Request extra time


Request extra early entry

Request early exit permit

Request an advance

A vacation request

Request a mission

Requesting a delayed entry

Mechanism for executing the requests

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Mobile Attends' with Actual Location

The employee can log in and log out through the self-service application, using actual location.

Requests From The Employee

After the employee logs in to the self-service application, he can submit multiple types of requests

Direct Manager Approval

The manager displays requests sent by his employees and can approve, reject, or approve them after modifying them

Management Final Approval

In the manager’s application, all requests that contain the approval or rejection of the direct manager appear to be implemented or rejected

Automatically execute approved orders

After approval by the Management , the request is executed automatically through the program

Human Resources

Management System



fingerprint Recovered

Register Employee Data (Personal - Job)


Archiving and Monitoring Documents and Contracts


Automatic Get Data From Attendance Devices


Monitoring and Calculating Attendance


Automatically Calculate Payroll


Payroll Tax Calculation


Managing Vacations and Vacation Balances


Management of Errands and Errand Allowances


Salary Advance, Loans and Loan Installments


Salary Additions and Deductions

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