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When you succeed, we succeed

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We work with clients

Our clients span across many industries, sizes, and locations. Our mission is to build innovative digital products for leading organizations.

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Transforming Industries

We help visionary executives transform their ventures with technology to thrive in the digital era.

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We build digital products

Our focus is the agile development of web, cloud, and helping organizations create and sustain digital innovation.

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Technology Consulting

we provide expert guidance to modernize and evolve your organization.

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Payroll Program ,Time attendance departure, Archiving employee data

Speed and accuracy

Automatic salary calculation, starting from fetching records from fingerprint devices , preparing combined and analytical reports

Save resources

payroll accurately maintains the company’s financial resources , ensures the rights of human resources , and enhances employee loyalty to the company

Growth and success

Accuracy in calculating salaries is a guarantee of the rights of the company employees, the real motivation for employees to development and success



Unique appearance

compatible with all devices , advanced present your electronic identity

Support and development

Our mission does not end when creating a website, our technical support team is following it

Dedicated platform

Before beginning the design, your visual identity is thoroughly studied, and every detail is taken care of.


Taking care to the conditions of search engines, to view your website in the first search results

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The best parking management program for all establishments

The barriers are opened and closed via the “YOTTA.PARKING” program by connecting to a dedicated controller to support various Types of Barriers, points of sale also have a set of important advantages such as printing invoices, barcode reading, and magnetic subscription cards. And printing of the box inventory and many other features …



program for construction sites to archive data for workers and vehicles

Easy access

Uses cloud technologies, it allows you to access data from anywhere in the world at any time to keep you fully informed

Information in moment

Advanced search to get any information easily and quickly with a full link between the program data and the actual archive

Data in one place

Archiving personnel and vehicles information, in a detailed and accurate way, identifying the workplace

Integration with Excel

Excel is important tools for collecting and transferring data , You can export or import data from excel

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Fully Responsive


Providing software solutions for all business problems. We have an advanced team to convert ideas into real programs that work efficiently.

Software to solve problems

Experience and ability to develop software to provide a solution to your company’s problems. Software to do tasks is smart and easy

program to your needs

program do the processes you need and uses your own style, expertise, and experiences that add a unique touch

Execution ability

expert team to convert ideas into programs, develop integrated implementable plans, technical support, and continuous development

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Connect all departments and functions with a future-proof ERP system for resilience and operational excellence.

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Clients, Partners in Success

Our Clients

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We seek leadership in developing creative software ideas to be an entity that pushes the development of the software industry in the region according to the latest scientific methods and consolidates the thought of creativity and perfection in this industry.


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